our mission to improve the health of humans, land, and animals starts with sourcing.

  1. How your food is raised and grown plays a vital role in the environment.
  2. Ethical, honest, and practical sourcing is crucial to our families’ future.
  3. The ranches that our beef is raised on is more than a ranch, it is an ecosystem that plays a direct role in our well-being.
  4. Our high level sourcing standards produce the best meat on the planet, for the planet.

That’s why we support USA ranchers that raise their animals the way nature intends.


Raised in the USA
100% Grass Fed Beef
Only Clean & Simple Ingredients
No Hormones
No Antibiotics


Animal Health & Welfare
Environmental Sustainability
Habitat Management
Forage & Feeding

Blue Nest Beef Journal

Open your mind to new ways of thinking and join us on this journey to restore our roots.

19 Healthy Packaged Snacks for Road Trips - Blue Nest Beef

By Blue Nest Beef  |  June 16, 2023
Embark on your summer road trip with our selection of 19 healthy packaged snacks. From frozen fruits to beef sticks, we've got diverse options to keep you energized and satisfied. Cater to different dietary preferences and enjoy the journey with our nutritious and convenient snack ideas.

Usual Business

By Russ Conser  |  June 05, 2023
Part 4 of a 10-part series on how energy, technology, sunshine, carbon, grass, soil, cows, birds and the prosperity of all life on Earth are connected. If you need to catch up, here’s 1, 2 and 3. Part 3 was all about how even if everything goes well, we still...

Healthy Snacks Packaged: BoboLinks Beef Sticks for Families & Growing Kids

By Blue Nest Beef  |  May 26, 2023
Discover healthy snacks packaged as BoboLinks Beef Sticks. Perfect for families and kids, these snacks are nutritious, convenient, and eco-friendly.

Carbon Fork

By Russ Conser  |  April 05, 2023
Part 3 of a 10-part series on how energy, technology, sunshine, carbon, grass, soil, cows, birds and the prosperity of all life on Earth are connected. In Part 1, I shared my personal obsession with energy, and in Part 2, about how revolutionary change, including in our energy systems, comes...

Evolutionary Revolutions

By Russ Conser  |  March 27, 2023
Part 2 of a 10-part series on how energy, technology, sunshine, carbon, grass, soil, cows, birds and the prosperity of all life on Earth are connected. In Part 1, hopefully you got the point – I have an energy obsession. I want to help you see how that’s related to...

Energy Obsession

By Russ Conser  |  February 06, 2023
  Part 1 of a 10-part series on how energy, technology, sunshine, carbon, grass, soil, cows, birds and the prosperity of all life on Earth are connected. I am obsessed with energy. I love my wife, my kids, and now my grandkids, but my warped mind tends to see everything...

Satisfying Your Cravings with Gluten-Free Snacks: Sweet and Savory Options

By Blue Nest Beef  |  February 01, 2023
Delicious Gluten-Free Snacks Gluten-free foods are becoming more and more popular as people become aware of the benefits of eating a gluten-free diet. Many delicious and healthy gluten-free options are available, so there's no need to feel like you're missing out on any health benefits due to gluten intolerance. Health-wise,...

Quick And Healthy Toddler Snack Ideas For Hero Parents

By Blue Nest Beef  |  September 28, 2022
Every parent wants to give their child the best possible start in life, including providing them with healthy snacks. However, preparing a snack for toddlers can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start. Thus, having the best healthy snack ideas ready in your back pocket is best....

24 High Protein Snacks You Need to Try

By Blue Nest Beef  |  September 20, 2022
Looking for high protein snacks to fuel your day? Explore our list of 24 must-try snacks, including our very own BoboLinks Beef Snack Sticks, homemade granola, and more. Each snack is packed with protein to keep you satisfied and energized. Discover your new favorite snack today!

Posthistoric Planet

By Russ Conser  |  June 11, 2022
Last week, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the new 5-part BBC Studios series “Prehistoric Planet” on Apple TV. It’s truly amazing to see how far computer graphics technology has come to be able to render a world so life-like. That, and the familiar voice of David Attenborough makes you...

Bigger Problems

By Russ Conser  |  April 14, 2022
“Supply chains” are on many a mind these days. Ford struggles to make trucks, and as announced on Monday, we’re currently struggling to get frozen beef all the way to the door for some of you. We’ve been doing our best to apply band aids, but the full solution has...

…and Bees

By Russ Conser  |  March 31, 2022
It’s time we have the talk – you know… the birds AND the bees! 😉  No not THAT talk, the one wherein we talk about how even though we focus a lot on birds, bees (and other insects) matter, too.  Birds are easier to see, hear and often admire their...

Synthetic Savanna

By Russ Conser  |  February 24, 2022
Last week I told you about the tragedy of US “renewable fuels” policy and how at least in terms of climate impact, our modern corn ethanol industry was at best no better than gasoline, and more likely worse. This outcome was driven by the tragedy of carbon lost by plowing...

Renewable Tragedy

By Russ Conser  |  February 24, 2022
As you now know, I grew up in the corn belt. When ethanol first became ‘a thing’ during the energy crises of the 1970’s, we made sure to buy fuel that included ethanol to support our neighbors and cousins, and not rely so much on imported energy. Only later would...

America the Rebeautified

By Russ Conser  |  February 23, 2022
“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies For amber waves of grain For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain.” The song has inspired generations. But few seem to realize that those “amber waves of grain” replaced the fruited plains even before we curtailed their waves! In a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare,...

Breathing Earth

By Russ Conser  |  January 20, 2022
In an earlier musing, I wondered whether counting carbon was actually a good idea? It’s not that counting it might be bad, it’s the potential myopia if we focus on it too much. To be clear, carbon is actually a good thing to count as part of a bigger picture....

Lost Savannas

By Russ Conser  |  January 13, 2022
Savanna – some think it’s just a city in Georgia, but of course that name came from somewhere.   A “savanna” is a mixed grassland-woodland ecosystem. It’s the place where grass and trees live together because each makes the other better. As an environment gets more rainfall, it can support more...

Clean Eating

By Russ Conser  |  January 06, 2022
Well, this week marks another milestone in government silliness. No not that one, this one.   Some high paid bureaucrats in DC have decided that instead of labelling foods with already fuzzy terms like “genetically engineered” or as containing “genetically modified organisms,” it would be clearer to label foods with new...

Whole Earth – In Memory Of E. O. Wilson

By Blue Nest Beef  |  December 30, 2021
“Future generations are going to forgive us our horrible genocidal wars because they have passed too far in history. They will forgive us all of the earlier generations’ follies and harm. But they will not forgive us for having thrown away such a large part of the rest of life...

Counting Carbon?

By Russ Conser  |  November 15, 2021
In case you haven’t noticed, a whole bunch of folks have been circling up in Glasgow, Scotland the last few weeks to talk about carbon. All of them realize there’s too much in the air, and a few understand there’s not enough in soil.   It was against this backdrop that...

Epic Art

By Russ Conser  |  November 08, 2021
Two weeks ago, I talked about migrating bison and birds and how they might help us rediscover how the health of people and planet were intrinsically connected. It was a story of how the soils of both my birthplace and my current home were created by a symbiotic relationship between...

Rediscovering Both

By Russ Conser  |  October 20, 2021
I grew up in Nebraska where the prairie was central to our identity. Although strange to me now, we saw the highest purpose of those prairies as something to be plowed up and planted. I did not realize that those prairies, and their carbon-catching, water-holding soils, were actually made by...

My Carbon Journey

By Blue Nest Beef  |  September 30, 2021
Several months ago, I told you about my personal health journey and how it led me to see food as medicine. But there’s another half to my personal journey – carbon. I spent 30 years taking dead carbon out of the deep Earth, and now I’m on a mission to...

All Natural

By Russ Conser  |  September 16, 2021
“All Natural” – it’s a phrase now so perverted that I utter it with some trepidation. But I want to reclaim just a bit of its honest meaning in the context of our new BoboLinks snack sticks.   Today, we take for granted the preservative power of refrigeration for perishable food....

Cool Grass

By Russ Conser  |  September 09, 2021
Now for the final chapter of this brief series – how does growing more perennials and catching every drop of sunshine help cool the Earth? To start, I want to draw your attention to a special 2019 IPCC report on “Climate Change and Land” which contained this enticing nugget: “Balanced...

Define Regenerative – Why Birds?

By Blue Nest Beef  |  August 23, 2021
It’s a request I get all the time: Define “regenerative” agriculture? Many have attempted to take on this topic (e.g. here, here), but it’s easy to get lost in details. Some welcome the ambiguity and are even concerned that defining it too explicitly may ruin it. Although part of me...

Rediscovered “Countrey”

By Russ Conser  |  August 20, 2021
My grandfather was born in 1901 in St Joseph, Missouri. Just 97 years before that, on July 4, 1804, William Clark, of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, stood on the hills just across the Missouri River from “St Jo” and penned this description of what he saw before his eyes: ...

Quality vs. Geography

By Russ Conser  |  August 13, 2021
Sometimes you can have it all, and sometimes you have to make hard choices. If you’re like us, there are SO many things you want to improve about the food system, it’s hard to know what is most important. Quality First. Quality (both in eating, and in the positive impact...

Not Cheap

By Russ Conser  |  July 30, 2021
We do understand it,  Our price may be steep.  We could make it cheaper. But then it’d be cheap. Cheap costs the birds, And cheap costs the bees. Cheap costs the grass, And cheap costs the trees. Cheap costs the air, And cheap costs degrees. Cheap costs your health, And...

Eating Sunshine

By Russ Conser  |  July 15, 2021
Last week, we talked about the need to build more perennials into our food system. This week, I want to and take the story just a bit further. If you zoom out to the biggest picture of Earth, you’ll see that the one true input to our planet is energy...

We Medicine – Russ’ Personal Health Journey

By Russ Conser  |  July 02, 2021
"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates It was only 10 years ago when I truly realized the above wisdom of the ancient Greeks while confronting the declining health of my aging father. I quickly discovered that cutting out all the processed food that I had...

Just Real

By Russ Conser  |  June 29, 2021
I recently saw an article for a new alternative milk called, ‘NOT MILK.’  The developers were proud to have created something that is, according to them, indistinguishable from real milk. Add it to the rapidly growing list of other options for fake alternatives to real food, and I can’t help...

Can Grass Fed Beef Scale?

By Russ Conser  |  June 01, 2021
We get the question all the time. Today, our own Allen Williams takes it. Recently there have been a number of ads published in major agricultural publications that attempt to explain the “myths” of grassfed beef. In these ads, major companies such as Elanco and Certified Angus Beef (CAB) state...

Naturally fermented = more flavor + no junk

By Russ Conser  |  May 03, 2021
With the introduction of BoboLinks, our new naturally fermented grassfed beef snack sticks, I’ve been doing a little fun reading on fermented meat.  The story starts with the rich and diverse history of meat fermentation.   The history of meat fermentation Fermenting meat is not new.  Before refrigeration was invented, all meat was...

“Sacred Cow” Book Review

By Russ Conser  |  August 27, 2020
I am so tired of the “diet wars” and the obsession with the overly simplistic question of more, less or even no meat. Finally, we get a book that takes on the question of “better” meat with a balanced view of the nutritional, environmental and ethical dimensions of that question....

Spring is Still Silent

By Blue Nest Beef  |  January 01, 2020
More than 50 years, Rachel Carson put environmental issues on the map with her book “Silent Spring.”  As a result, DDT was banned, the EPA was formed, and Earth Day was born. Given the magnitude of that “Carson Shock,” here’s a hard to swallow truth – our spring is still...