rediscovering natural philosophy

We aim to redefine the All-American standard for cattle ranching that enables more life to grow. We believe that sustainable cattle ranching regenerates and enriches our ecosystem through natural foraging, keeping it thriving for future generations to come.

This means sustainable, all-natural practices built on care, compassion and camaraderie found right here on home soil. We want thoughtful eaters to enjoy guilt-free, 100% grass fed products that restore our home, one grassland at a time.

Long ago, what we now call science, was known as “Natural Philosophy.” Natural Philosophy sought to understand both the causes and effects of nature and the full physical universe. Over time, as science practices evolved, we were able to dig deeper into the mysteries of the natural world. But with the quick expansion of science and technology, came a loss of the importance of the wholeness of natural systems.

no matter how much
technology advances

We cannot outsmart
our ecosystem.

Here at Blue Nest Beef, we are on a mission to educate and teach others about how the pieces of nature actually fit together. The library of information in our field of nature involving cows, grass and soil is still growing.


Below you will find Blue Nests Beef's main focal areas when it comes to Natural Philosophy:



For those who have the time and want to curl up with a full book


Scientific Papers

For those that like deep details, here’s a set of select scientific papers that are a good place to start