Meet our Farmers from around the U.S.

The biggest missing link in the grass fed supply chain is the finisher - the pasture alternative to a feedlot. It sounds easy, but there is much skill and art to producing a high quality product that you will savor while also having a positive impact.

The Audubon Conservation Ranching program is made up of nearly 100 ranches covering 2.5 million acres of American heartlands. The American farmers and ranchers whose beef has gone into Blue Nest Beef so far include 8 ranches covering 200,000 acres:

Godfrey Farms

Newkirk, OK
LOT 19346 / 20154

Bill is one of the most experienced and accomplished grass finishers in the country, and his place also happens to be located in the heart of the Central Flyway. If...

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Dennis Hoyle

Roscoe, SD
Lot 19261

Dennis has a deep understanding of the interdependencies between healthy soils, healthy livestock and healthy bird habitat. He has a passion for supplying high quality grass finished cattle.

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Wagner Land & Livestock

Lot 19261

Larry Wagner and Dr. Julie Williams spent years thoughtfully and carefully developing their herds genetics over the years for best performance on grass. Wagner Land & Livestock cattle grow and...

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Leone Valley Ranch

Wessington Springs, SD
Lot 19261

Jeannie Franceus owns and manages a ranch that her parents bought more than 50 years ago. Her appreciation for wildlife was instilled as a child, sitting with Grandma by her...

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Rockin' 7 Ranch

Shawnee, WY
Lot 20198 / 20224 / 20262

Brad Reese's great, great grandparents homesteaded the Rockin' 7 in eastern Wyoming in 1914. It sits at the transition zone between sagebrush steppe to the west and rolling shortgrass prairie...

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Cougar Valley Ranch

Shawnee, WY
Lot 20198

Cougar valley Ranch is a mom and pop ranch located on the edge of the pine ridge which comes down out of the Black Hills from South Dakota. It is...

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Fiddleback Ranch

Douglas, WY
Lot 20198

The Fiddleback Ranch is located in eastern Wyoming where it has unique connectivity to large expanses of shortgrass prairie habitat important to many nesting grassland and sagebrush-grassland birds. It lies...

Dry Creek Ranch

Caputa, SD

The Dry Creek Ranch is a 1st generation ranch located just outside Rapid City, South Dakota owned and operated by Shawn and Christie Freeland. In the fall of 2015, they...

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We’re just getting started, but enabling more life to grow in each of these fields and many more is our purpose.

Each purchase at Blue Nest Beef directly supports these wonderful US farmers & ranchers.


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