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Quality vs. Geography

Sometimes you can have it all, and sometimes you have to make hard choices. If you’re like us, there are SO many things you want to improve about the food system, it’s hard to know what is most important.

Blue Nest Beef grass Fed Beef

Quality First.

Quality (both in eating, and in the positive impact our ranchers have on the environment) is more important to us than geography. We know you care deeply about grassland birds, and animal welfare, and that’s why you buy your first Blue Nest box. But that’s not enough. We want you to love our beef so much because of the way it tastes, and how you feel after each meal. And the typical local grass fed rancher struggles to produce that quality consistently.

Blue Nest Beef Quality Grass Fed Beef

Quality Derived.

Blue Nest Beef exists because most of us don’t have access to a local farmer who’s a world-class expert at raising gourmet-caliber 100% grassed beef, while using their cattle to create bird habitat.

Blue Nest Beef Grass Fed

Audubon Certified.

This is why we start our cattle sourcing with The National Audubon Society. We pre-select ranches that Audubon has certified for using their cattle to create bird habitat. Then, we come in to ensure that the ranches are not only working in a way that is beneficial to the birds, the planet and the welfare of their cattle, but that they are also doing it in a way that produces an amazing eating experience with every bite you take. Those are the only cattle we select so that you can trust our beef is BOTH part of the solution to problems that matter, and the best beef you’ve ever eaten.

Todd Churchill

Co-Founder Of Blue Nest Beef

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