Our Impact

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Healthy Soil

The foundation of all life starts with healthy soil. Healthy soil is abundant with life that is mostly too small to see. Through their roots, plants feed sugars to living and breathing microbes in exchange for nutrients they extract from soil. Slightly bigger creatures feed on these microbes, and bigger creatures feed on them. Abundant birds eating plentiful worms, bugs and seeds of diverse grasses tell us that life is thriving below in the soil.

Carbon Climate

All of the life on Earth is made of carbon, and so it is with life in healthy soil. All of that carbon comes out of the air. In fact, Earth has 3 times more carbon in the soil than it does in the air. So small additions to soil across large areas, like pastures, can add up to big changes in our air. Birds eating bugs tells us that there is more carbon in the soil and less in the air, and that is good for all life on Earth.


The life in the soil, and the plants that grow in it, create food, habitat and shelter for other layers of life as well. Bees and insects thrive in healthy pastures, as do bigger creatures. #BirdsTellUs that a pasture is healthy, and tell the deer and the antelope that it's OK to play again, too!

Clean Water

Our farmers significantly reduce and often eliminate use of toxic chemicals. Fewer toxins going onto the land mean less running off. But living, carbon-rich soils actively purify water therefore often bringing back clear, bubbling brooks for the first time in generations. We see it in pastures everyday, and at scale, we believe our nation’s rivers can run clearer again. #BirdsTellUs that healthy soil is actively creating cleaner water because it is abundant with life.

Drought & Flood

Healthy soils are more porous and thus also hold onto more water - about 27,000 gallons per acre for every 1% increase in organic matter. This means there is more water to sustain life when the rains don’t come, and when it does rain, less water rushing down the drainage ditches. #BirdsTellUs that more water is there when it’s needed to grow life, and less water is running off to flood your home.


All of the minerals in food except carbon, nitrogen and oxygen come from the soil. These nutrients are mined from otherwise inert soil material by diverse microbial life. The nutrients flow up the food chain through the grass and the cow then onto your plate feeding you and your family. #BirdsTellUs that these nutrient cycles are alive and working, and thus that the food on your table is more nourishing.


It’s a painful truth. Farmers, the life-blood of America’s rural communities, have been struggling for decades. Quite simply, farming doesn’t pay much lately. Our current food system is designed to create the cheapest possible food, but with many hidden costs. Blue Nest Beef is designed to send more money back to farmers and ranchers who grow the best quality food in a way that benefits the rest of life’s systems. So #BirdsTellUs that the farmers, their families, and their communities are thriving with life once again, too.

Blue Nest Beef and Audubon are working together to expand grassland habitat because what’s good for the bird is also good for the beef. Birds vote with their wings and let us know which fields have more life.

Blue Nest Beef is 100% grass fed beef that comes from bird friendly pastures and is delivered direct to your own nest, wherever that may be.