Our Team

Audubon Certified - Grazed on Bird Friendly Land

A Serendipitous Journey

Serendipity led to the connection of an engineer who knew about energy and carbon to a filmmaker who was looking for better climate solutions. They met a cowboy practicing new grazing methods, and an ecologist quantifying carbon in soil, and something started to smell like a real solution. With the now growing network, fate connected them to two grassfed beef pioneers who were among the best and most seasoned in the game - one who knew the art of finishing and one who knew the art of marketing.  Together they began to see they might have the pieces of a solution to solve an important problem by surprisingly coming together to reinvent real beef with a bigger purpose involving how it would get from pasture to plate. We realize we're not yet as diverse as the prairies we seek to recreate, but, hey, it's our start.



Russ Conser

Chief Executive & Impact Officer
A broadly skilled business and technology leader with experience in making big ideas real at scale, and an emerging voice for soil and ecosystem science.

Todd Churchill

Chief Marketing & Financial Officer
Founder and CEO of one of America’s first grassfed beef brands, deeply experienced with both finance and marketing directly to consumers.

Bill Godfrey

Executive Vice President of Land & Livestock
Co-founder of the previously largest US grassfed beef finishing businesses, with deep experience in both farm land and cattle markets.

Rick Marriner

President & Chief Operating Officer
A multi-skilled business leader with deep experience in making supply chains, logistics and trading work at very large scales.