Our Business

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Blue Nest Beef is chartered as a Public Benefit Corporation - otherwise known as a “B Corp.”  That means we are a for-profit business, but we also put it right there in our legal charter that we are required to consider the following “special public benefits” in all of our business decisions:

  1. Improving human health
  2. Taking carbon out of the air and putting it into soil
  3. Reducing consumption of supplemental material and energy inputs
  4. Restoring the environmental health of air, water and land ecosystems
  5. Reinvigorating distributed, rural communities

For us, profits are like oxygen - a condition of building and growing a business, not to be mistaken for the purpose of it.  From our perspective, the more profit we make, the more grassland habitat we can revitalize with all of its other benefits.  We aspire to be an example of how humanity and nature profit together, as we believe this kind of business is necessary for the future of all business on this planet.

Sharing the Wealth

We’ve designed our business to work just like the symbiotic relationship between grass and soil in healthy pastures.  In healthy pastures, plants share 20% or more of the products of photosynthesis through their roots with surrounding microbes.  We've designed our business to be similar:

  1. Producer Pool - A large majority of cattle ranchers only produce calves, not finished animals.  So there are 100’s of farmers on potentially millions of acres in our supply chain before an animal gets to a finisher. We are developing a system wherein a percentage of revenues would be held in a pool to be split up among all calf producers who a) have sold an ACR Certified calf to a finisher, that b) ended up meeting our standards.  Details are still being worked out.  Once implemented, this will create a strong incentive to get you more and better beef, and all of us more and healthier grasslands that create better homes for birds and all other life. If you are a producer who wants to learn about how you can get your farm or ranch involved in this program, you can learn more here or drop us a note at livestock@bluenestbeef.co.
  2. Finisher Premium - We pay farmers who finish an animal to our high standards a material premium above prevailing market prices.  But it’s not easy to create a steak that can both “wow” the taste buds and restore grassland habitat. If you are a producer, and think you can finish to our high standards and want to talk to us about becoming a supplier, please email us at livestock@bluenestbeef.co.
  3. Audubon - If you are a customer, 1% of your purchase goes to the National Audubon Society to support the Conservation Ranching program.  This part is simple - the more we sell, the more Audubon gets to protect habitat for more birds.
  4. Affiliates - We seek to create an extended community of folks helping us sell more beef that helps more birds.  Whether Audubon, a local Audubon Chapter, another conservation group, or just a voice that wants to help spread the good word, organizations and people who secure a new subscriber will also earn a 1% share of lifetime revenue from that subscriber.  To learn more about our affiliate program and how it might help your own cause, click here.

When you buy our beef, you’re feeding a renewable food ecosystem that can bring healthy food to your plate and life back to every field we touch.