Prairie Ground Box

$99.00 / box (FREE delivery)

10 lbs of delicious, nutritious ground beef and burgers.

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This bundle includes:

  • 5 lbs ground beef (85% lean 15% fat)
  • 5 lbs 1/3 lb patties (85% lean 15% fat)

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Weight 10 lbs
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85% Lean 15% Fat

7 reviews for Prairie Ground Box

  1. Marc Rouleau (verified owner)

    This is a premium product in all dimensions – sustainability, nutrition, flavor, texture, appearance, packaging, convenience. I generally make my own burgers with added egg, herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and the like, but the pre-formed burgers are convenient and taste excellent. And if I need more ground beef for tacos, chili, or lasagna, it’s easy enough to peel off the two small wax paper separators and kneed the three burgers back together.

    I’m happy to support this new business dedicated to demonstrating the viability of regenerative agriculture, and I look forward to additional purchase options as Blue Nest scales up.

  2. Annie Berkness (verified owner)

    The ground beef is amazing, hands down the best I’ve ever had. Great texture and excellent flavor that made for incredibly juicy and tender burgers on the grill. It was so convenient to order in the quantity they offer so I could stock up, it arrived on my doorstep fully frozen, and the customer service throughout the process was great. Looking forward to getting my next delicious box of beef that supports conservation!

    • Todd Churchill

      Hi Annie, So glad you liked the ground beef. IMO it’s the most flavorful of anything we make, and so flexible for use in tacos, spaghetti, casseroles (or in MN Hotdish), soups, and of course burgers!
      -Todd Churchill, co-founder

  3. Sarah Hewitt (verified owner)

    Blue Nest Beef’s ground beef is the most flavorful my husband and I have ever purchased from any store. I hardly even need to season the patties to make a seriously delicious burger! Blue Nest Beef’s customer service is excellent, and we can feel great about our choice because we know the products come from third-party verified ACR ranches doing amazing things for our grasslands and grassland birds!

  4. Christian Davies (verified owner)

    Taco Tuesday, spaghetti meatball Wednesday, burgers on Saturday… doesn’t matter what day it is or what you make, you will love the flavor that comes as a result of soil, grass, birds, animals and that are nurtured every step of the way, resulting in a product that represents the pride and passion of the folks involved in making it.

  5. eveforeverharly (verified owner)

    Just got my first box of ground beef from BlueNest. It exceded my expectations! Taste and texture were perfect! This is by far the best grass fed meat I have eaten. Great shipping with no styrofoam packaging, meat arrived still frozen, though at 6:30 pm, late in the day. I would strongly recommend buying from!!! Thank you for working with the Audubon Society in promoting products that help our wild birds!

  6. Melissa Manos (verified owner)

    I was so excited to try this product. While the flavor was really good, I was disappointed in the amount of fat( a lot) in this ground beef. It is advertised as very lean, but I found it not to be the case. Had there been a disclosure concerning the ratio of lean to fat, I would not have ordered it. So sorry…I really wanted to continue with my subscription.

    • Russ Conser

      I am personally very sorry that our product was not what you expected. Indeed, I went to our site and confirmed that our ground beef blend ratio was nowhere to be found in the product description. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve just made that clarification.

      I offer you my sincere apologies. We’re a startup still working to get things right, but know we won’t get it right every time, so we are grateful to you for letting us know of our oversight.

      Russ Conser, CEO

  7. Judy Longoria (verified owner)

    A great box for the price! And best hamburgers I have ever made at home! I take the pre-shaped patties and smash them in a tortilla press, then fry in iron skillet with salt and pepper. My family loves them!

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