The contents of each box will vary. Not all cuts are included in every box.

Meadowlark Beef Box

$234.00 / box (incl. delivery)

Our premium steak-lovers box!  7-9 lbs of carefully curated steaks and roasts with 2 lbs ground and 2lbs pre-made patties.

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Meadowlark Beef Bundle Box Contents: Avg Weight 12-14 Lbs

  • Slow Cooker Cuts (Brisket, Chuck Roast, Beef for Stew) – Qty: 2
  • Premium Steaks (Tenderloin, Ribeye, NY Strip) – Qty: 4
  • Leaner Grilling Steak Cuts (Flat Iron, Top Round) – Qty: 2
  • Slicing Steaks – Kabobs, Stir Fry, Sandwiches, Salads (Top Sirloin, Round Tip) – Qty: 2
  • Ground Beef (1 lb package – 85% lean 15% fat) – Qty: 2
  • Ground Beef Patties (1/3lb each – 1 lb package – 85% lean 15% fat) – Qty: 2

We  may substitute a premium steak for a grilling or slicing steak.  Won’t happen every time, but every so often, you might be the lucky one!

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Weight 13 lbs
Shipping Interval

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3 reviews for Meadowlark Beef Box

  1. Benjamin Wurst (verified owner)

    Really pleased with everything so far. Shipping was fast and meat was still frozen when it arrived (but all dry ice was gone). Glad all packaging can be recycled and there is no foam. I’ve had the filets, burgers and ground beef and all has been great. My only complaint is that some of my packages are ripped or torn open. I’m guessing this happened during shipment since once the dry ice melted there was much more room for meat packets to bounce around. Can’t wait to cook more cuts on the grill this summer. Happy to support a family farm who takes pride in providing habitat for grassland birds!

  2. Alison Suzukamo (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered three boxes from Blue Nest Beef so far and all have been high quality, shipped quickly and been packaged well. I particularly appreciate that each cut is individually sealed and well labeled so they can be easily identified in the freezer.

    The Meadowlark Beef Box is our family favorite because it has a higher ratio of the premium cuts of steak. Everyone who’s eaten Blue Nest Beef at our house has commented on how much more flavor it has… even when we are grilling hamburgers! We’ve actually cut back, or eliminated seasoning on most of our grilling.

    Highly recommend this company, both for the quality of their product and for their ethical ecological practices.

  3. Tamar S McCollum (verified owner)

    We could not be happier with our Meadow Lark box from Blue Nest Beef. It arrived carefully packed and solidly frozen after Josh confirmed that we would be home to receive it. The quality of the beef is wonderful and full of flavor. One of our reasons for ordering from Blue nest Beef was preservation of habitat for birds, but we did not compromise taste or quality by this purchase. We will continue to order from Blue Nest Beef.

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