The contents of each box will vary. Not all cuts are included in every box.

Flyway Beef Box

$179.00 / box (FREE delivery)

Our most popular box!  A perfect mix of 3.5 – 4.5 lbs of steaks and roasting cuts, along with 5 lbs of ground and 4 lbs of pre-made patties.

Choose monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months. Not sure? Just choose every 6 months. You can cancel with 1 click at any time.



Flyway Beef Bundle Box Contents: Avg Weight 12-14 Lbs

  • Slow Cooker Cuts (Brisket, Chuck Roast, Beef for Stew) – Qty: 1
  • Premium Steaks (Tenderloin, Ribeye, NY Strip) – Qty: 2
  • Leaner Grilling Steak Cuts (Flat Iron, Top Round) – Qty: 1
  • Slicing Steaks – Kabobs, Stir Fry, Sandwiches, Salads (Top Sirloin, Round Tip) – Qty: 1
  • Ground Beef (1 lb package – 85% lean 15% fat) – Qty: 5
  • Ground Beef Patties (1/3lb each – 1 lb package – 85% lean 15% fat) – Qty: 4

We  may substitute a premium steak for a grilling or slicing steak.  Won’t happen every time, but every so often, you might be the lucky one!

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Weight 13 lbs
Shipping Interval

Monthly, Every Other Month, Every Third Month, Every 6 Months

18 reviews for Flyway Beef Box

  1. Jason Rowntree (verified owner)

    My flyway box arrived in a well-secured, insulated box. All the meat came frozen in high-quality vacuum packaging. The steaks and hamburger have been excellent. What a wonderful opportunity to not only get high-quality beef, but to improve bird habitat in the process.

  2. Peter Malik (verified owner)

    The beef came frozen solid and in an overall excellent shape. So far I have tried the NY strip and ribeye. I grilled them on a gas grill at around 450F, turned them over once or twice and took them out when the internal temperature was 150F. They were pink in the middle, extremely flavorful, tender and overall extremely delicious. The product certainly compares well with my usual supply of grass fed/finished beef from upstate NY.
    I highly recommend it for both the quality and the broader story — enjoy!

  3. Jack Abbott (verified owner)

    So far a fabulous experience in almost every way. Everything arrived on time, and we were given ample opportunity to delay the shipment if desired. We had the rib eye last night. It was over the top delightful. Well marbled, very little tendon, just melted in our mouths. Tonight we’re having the 85-15 hamburger and it’s more like copped steak…delicious. This would warrant a 6 out of 5 stars. Two minor issues I’m sure will get addressed over time: the packaging is always a worry for me when I order online. There were no special instructions for dealing with the packaging. It was also a lot of meat for us, so I would appreciate more options in the packages. I’m sure they’ll address these as they find their footing. Overall super pleased and for sure will order again!!!! Thanks blue nest! UPDATE: I EMAILED BLUE NEST AND THEY ADVISED THAT THE PACKAGING IS ALL RECYCLABLE! SO THAT’S ANOTHER POINT FOR THEM, SUPER FAST RESPONSE TIME AND I UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGES OF BEING A STARTUP, SO I’M SURE THESE MINOR ISSUES WILL BE RESOLVED. BOTTOM LINE, THIS IS REALLY GOOD BEEF AND IT PROVES THAT WE CAN EAT MEAT AND ACTUALLY HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT.

  4. Jacque Behrens (verified owner)

    My reason for purchasing this beef is to use my consumer spending to encourage a market for more consciously produced products, in this case Audubon certified ranchers raising beef in a habitat sustaining fashion. That said, it is absolutely high quality beef. We’ve used about half of our box so far and have found the ground beef as well as several cuts of steak to be very juicy and flavorful. Yesterday we thinly sliced the tip round steak and ‘cooked’ it in a simple pho-like mushroom broth – the steak was excellent even in a simple preparation without benefit of a marinade. My hope is that the variety of cuts in each shipment improves with the growth of the business – the first box was a bit of a letdown from my expectation.

    • Todd Churchill (verified owner)

      Thanks for your feedback Jacque! I really appreciate that your purchase is first about the birds, and second about the beef. We are working on some different box options with more cuts and less ground beef, and hope to roll those out in the next few months. Thanks for your patience and support as we get Blue Nest launched!
      -Todd Churchill, co-founder

  5. matt.b.flannery (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of grass-fed, all-organic beef for the last 15 years, and these steaks were astonishingly tasty.
    It was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy steps out of the black-and-white world into full color scenery.
    Looking forward to some hamburgers and bolognese!

  6. Eva Terrell (verified owner)

    When fb pushed me the ad, and I saw the bird friendly program here, we were hooked! We had been looking for a consistent source of all grass fed, humanely raised beef that was also gentle on the land because habitat is in such a crisis right now. We are long time bird watchers and wildlife supporters. All the products in our first box were fabulous!! I was leery when I had to do a quick fry up of a tip steak in a dinner emergency, normally a pretty chewy cut without the benefit of a marinade, and it came out delicious! I started my subscription with the flyway box, but it was a lot of burger for two of us, so I’m thrilled and thankful for the new Meadowlark box and already switched my subscription. For the way we eat and cook, cuts and roasts are much easier to work into our menus. Even so, while we normally don’t eat much of it, all the burger was terrific and wonderfully juicy. It looks like Blue Nest is doing exactly what the world needs for folks who want beef that actually does good!

  7. Sharla Brechbill (verified owner)

    This actually tastes like beef – so much richer-tasting than supermarket meat! Everything arrived nicely packaged and frozen solid. And the fact that the cattle are grass fed on bird-friendly land is icing on the cake. Thanks!

  8. annariggs (verified owner)

    This meat is fantastic! Blue Nest Beef is easy to work with and went out of their way to make sure my experience with them was positive – from ordering to delivery! I love this product so much that I gave my kids (in different states around the country) a subscription for Christmas. I can’t think of a better gift than the gift of healthy, high quality meat that is Audubon Certified – grazed on bird friendly land. It arrived when it was scheduled to arrive, arrived in perfect condition, and was exactly as ordered. I’ve had a chance to try all products in this box, and my husband and I both think this is some of the best beef we’ve ever had. We will continue to order this beef for a very long time!
    I have heard nothing but positive feedback and gratitude from the people we’ve gifted with a box of this fine meat! Thank you Blue Nest!!

  9. Lisa Chaddock (verified owner)

    I’m a bird lover, and saw this at the National Audubon Society Convention 2019. I made a great choice- this beef is fantastic! I’m at the far end of their delivery area, but the beef is wrapped well and frozen when it arrives. The quality is fantastic, and it is a bargain compared to my supermarket “grass fed” beef- that might just be grass fed feed lot beef. I can’t say enough good things about this product, and the science behind it.

  10. Stephanie Kollister (verified owner)

    We just received our first box a couple week ago and so far we’ve made some ground beef and New York strip steaks. The steaks were probably the best I’ve ever had! Overall we are very pleased with the user friendly website that allows customization of when orders are shipped and we found the flyway box to be a good mix of ground beef and steaks for our small family. It is fun to get different cuts of meat which encourages me to be more creative with my cooking. Super pleased with the product and the good it does for the environment as well as family owned farms.

  11. Sarah Keyes (verified owner)

    This is fantastic! I decided that with the pandemic, it was a good time to try Bluenestbeef as it had been on my radar for some time. I am slowly trying to make more earth-friendly decisions about food and cleaning products. I was not disappointed. Ordering was very simple and I received an email pretty quickly asking me if I would be home (not out of town) to receive my box. Of course, I am home all the time right now, but even if I was not and my box was delivered during the work day, I would not be overly concerned. The box was packed very carefully and my meat was frozen solid when I unpacked. Everything looked delicious. I used the ground beef last night to make some tacos and it was delicious. I really tried to pay attention to the taste versus what I usually get in the store. I did feel like the taste was better and the beef seemed “fluffier.” We are a family of three, so I cannot speak to how long this will last us. We are not huge beef eaters, but I signed up for every six months! I will be recommending bluenestbeef to friends and family. Very pleased and feel good about this company and my choice.

  12. Michael Schramm (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality. Best, juiciest, and most ethical burgers I’ve ever had.

    I like how blue nest reaches out to make sure you are ready to receive your box, and can delay it if needed. Customer service is excellent. I reached out to request that they make bones available (for bone marrow – yum), and they responded very promptly and said it’s something they are working on.

    I was most interested in this beef to support bird habitat. It really is some excellent work these folks are doing, with several million acres of grassland enrolled across the country. I am excited to see them grow.

  13. Seth Gallagher (verified owner)

    As a conservationist, birder, upland bird hunter and father who values native grasslands putting my money where my mouth is, is important to me. Blue Nest has not only given me the opportunity to be an active participant in conservation, but provides and outstanding product with customer service well above par.

    The burger is top quality and a staple now, and the steak cuts delicious, the filet among the best I’ve ever had. I recomend it every chance I get.

  14. rpberrell (verified owner)

    I am new to Blue Best Beef. I’ve been grilling for over 40 years and love burgers. I have to say the ground beef is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Thanks, Blue Nest Beef!

  15. Judy Longoria (verified owner)

    Some of the best beef I have ever eaten. This a great box with ground beef, steak, and other beef cuts. Nice variety.

  16. Mary Ann Buckheister (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love a great cut of beef or a tasty burger? This box is a perfect blend of steaks/roasts, ground beef, & burgers; the tastiest meat we’ve had for decades (actually tastes like the beef we ate as kids back in the ’50’s). I personally decided to give Blue Nest a try because of the brilliant work on saving/creating a sustainable grassland habitat for all the birds needing it so badly – Kudos to everyone involved in this project. I will continue to support Blue Nest’s endeavors & am spreading the word about your excellent beef & chicken products. Also a tip of the hat to your superb Customer Service; Josh sends out an email to give a head’s up about the coming order & to make sure someone will be home to accept delivery. The packaging is also top notch – the product is well insulated in the box & the dry ice keeps all of it frozen solid (even during summer heat in the South!) Thank you!!

  17. Sharon Lipinski (verified owner)

    This product is win/win/win. The beef is excellent. The packaging is recyclable and sustainable. And it provides a financially viable way to protect our open spaces and wildlife. I couldn’t be happier.

  18. Ryan Flahive (verified owner)

    This is an amazing selection of beef products. It has become a staple for my family. My kids notice the difference in the flavor and never leave any on their plates. Their new favorite recipe is Zucchini Boats:

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