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Get your box from a Audubon-certified bird habitat restoring ranches shipped directly to your door.

Our most popular box!  A perfect mix of 3.5 – 4.5 lbs of steaks and roasting cuts, along with 5 lbs of ground and 4 lbs of pre-made patties.

Our premium steak-lovers box!  7-9 lbs of carefully curated steaks and roasts with 2 lbs ground and 2 lbs pre-made patties.

Our most affordable box! 10 lbs of delicious, nutritious ground beef and burgers.

Looking for the perfect gift idea? Give the gift of better beef, with a bigger purpose.

Customer Reviews


Jack Abbott - California

“We had the rib eye last night. It was over the top delightful. Well-marbled, very little tendon, just melted in our mouths. Tonight we’re having the 85-15 hamburger and it’s more like chopped steak…delicious.”


Jacque Behrens – Minnesota

“...Audubon certified ranchers raising beef in a habitat sustaining fashion. ... it is absolutely high-quality beef. We’ve used about half of our box so far and have found the ground beef as well as several cuts of steak to be very juicy and flavorful.”


Marc Rouleau – Washington

“This is a premium product in all dimensions – sustainability, nutrition, flavor, texture, appearance, packaging, convenience. I generally make my own burgers with added egg, herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and the like, but the pre-formed burgers are convenient and taste excellent.”


Jason Rowntree – Michigan

“My flyway box arrived in a well-secured, insulated box. All the meat came frozen in high-quality vacuum packaging. The steaks and hamburger have been excellent. What a wonderful opportunity to not only get high-quality beef but to improve bird habitat in the process.”

Support Bird Habitat Restoring Ranchers

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Cattle don't swim and ducks don't roam, but cows grazed right on the drylands can help protect and restore embedded and adjacent wetlands.  That's because ranching in synch with nature improves soil health and retains  water within vibrant local watersheds.

When you buy Blue Nest Beef from Audubon-Certified ranches, you reward conservation-minded ranchers for protecting bird habitat.

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Healthier for You & The Environment

Let life be the judge.

Grandma with grandkids in lap

Live, eat & Share your values across generations

Easy and convenient to save birds and get 100% grassfed beef without antibiotics or hormones.

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You're More Nourished While Birds Get To Flourish

You already know quality food is key to your own performance, now it helps other life, too.

People having a BBQ, smiling.

Lean In to help create the World you want to see

Chart a course to a better future based on regenerative agriculture – with better beef.

Cows in Field Eating Grass

"Balanced diets, featuring plant-based foods, such as those based on coarse grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, AND ANIMAL-SOURCED FOOD PRODUCED IN RESILIENT, SUSTAINABLE AND LOW-GHG EMISSION SYSTEMS, present major opportunities for adaptation and mitigation while generating significant co-benefits in terms of human health (high confidence)."

IPCC Special Report "Climate Change and Land" (August, 2019) Response Option B6.2

What's So Special about Blue Nest Beef?

Ranchers Bringing Birds back

Working tirelessly to raise healthy cattle & sustain the land where plants, animals, and birds flourish.

Jeannie Franceus

Wagner Land & Livestock
Chamberlain, SD
ACR Certified: Sep 2019

Women Leading

Bill Goffrey & Son

Godfrey Farms - Newkirk, OK

ACR Certified: Aug 2019

All In The Family

Dennis Hoyle

Dennis Hoyle - Roscoe, SD
ACR Certified: Apr 2018

It Takes A Rancher


Wagner Land & Livestock
Chamberlain, SD
ACR Certified: Oct 2017

Doing It Right

Learn more about our farmers and ranchers here.