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Rebuilding Grassland bird Habitat One Steak at a Time

  1. Comes only from Audubon certified ranchers creating bird habitat
  2. Portion of sales goes to support Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever
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Better for Habitat

Our Ranchers use adaptive grazing practices to create diverse bird habitat, healthy soils, abundant pollinators, and clean waters. Learn More

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Better for Ranchers

Blue Nest pays more than a 40% premium on commodity prices to ensure our ranchers thive. It’s a finacial ensentive and relationship like no other. Learn More

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Better For Animals

Animal welfare is simple. Feed the diet they are designed to eat. Free range on pasture and never confine to a feedlot. Low stress handling. Learn More

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Better for You

Deeply nourishing beef that amazes you with every bite. 100% grassfed, raised free range with no antibiotics or growth hormones.
Learn More

Choosing Blue nest Beef Expands bird-friendly Habitat 

From our fields come highly nutritious beef your family will love. We share your commitment to healthy eating and expanding game-bird habitat.

12-14 Lbs of delicious mixed steak, roast, and ground beef from animals raised in bird friendly fields.

10 lbs of delicious, nutritious ground beef and burgers from animals raised in rich, healthy fields.

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A partnership to Create Bird Friendly Habitat

Land Owners, Audubon Conservation Ranching, Pheasants & Quail Forever, and Blue Nest Beef are a one-of-a-kind partnership that has the power to financially incentivize diverse bird habitat, healthy soils, abundant pollinators, and cleaner waters.

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Healthy Food

Different birds eat different seeds and insects. Seeds and bugs start in healthy soil growing diverse plant life.

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Healthy Nesting

Different birds like to make their homes in different habitat ‘structures’ that can be shaped by grazing practices.

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Healthy Habitat

Birds want places to hide and rest, too. Tall and varying grass creates safe space to forage, breed, and nest.

Birds sit at the top of the local ecological pyramid.  

Birds are living sensors that tell us that all life is thriving.

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Blue Nest Beef - 2438 E 117th Street STE 100 - Burnsville MN 55337