Thank Your Ranchers

Meet And Thank Your Ranchers

Y’all tell us all the time how much you love Blue Nest Beef, but we really want you to tell it straight to the ranchers who raise happy animals, heal their ecosystems, and nourish us with healthful beef!

Fill out the form to send a note to the families that work to provide the high quality meat in every Blue Nest Beef box.

We can’t guarantee they will reply, but we know that they'd love to hear from you.

Your beef was raised by: Rockin 7' Ranch, Fiddleback or Cougar Valley Ranch.

(Most batches are sourced from one ranch, but occasionally we combine cattle from several ranches.)


Thank Your Rancher

Your Ranchers:

Rockin 7' Ranch

Shawnee, WY


Brad Reese's great, great grandparents homesteaded the Rockin' 7 in eastern Wyoming in 1914.  It sits at the transition zone between sagebrush steppe to the west and rolling shortgrass prairie to the east.  The ranch includes and is adjacent to large tracts of native rangelands and includes ~10,000 acres of Wyoming Core Area Sage-Grouse Habitat.  Although many acres were previously farmed, remaining farming is conducted using principles to improve soil health and thousands of acres have been converted back to permanent pasture.  Brad, Heather and their 4 children live on the ranch where they also operate a hunting enterprise.  Primary goals of the Rockin' 7 HMP are: 1) utilize a grazing system that improves native plant community and rangeland bird habitat heterogeneity; 2) implement invasive and/or noxious weed prevention on the ranch; 3) maintaining quality water resources across grazed lands by managing livestock use and habitat conditions for rangeland birds; and 4) monitoring bird diversity and abundance.

Fiddleback Ranch

Meetetsee, WY


The Fiddleback Ranch is located in north central Wyoming where it has unique connectivity to large expanses of shortgrass prairie habitat important to many nesting grassland and sagebrush-grassland birds.  It lies at a transitional zone between sagebrush-steppe to the west and contiguous plains of rolling shortgrass Praire to the east.  The Hagen family live on the ranch and operate a multi-layered enterprise including not only the cattle, but lodging, hunting and weddings.  The goals of the Fiddleback HMP are: 1) utilize a grazing system that improves native plant community and grassland bird habitat; 2) implement invasive and/or noxious weed prevention on the ranch; 3) grassland restoration and enhancement;  4) equipping all stock water tanks with wildlife escape routes; and 5) monitoring bird diversity and abundance.

Cougar Valley Ranch

Shawnee, WY

Cougar valley ranch

Cougar Valley Ranch is a mom and pop ranch located on the edge of the pine ridge which comes down out of the Black Hills from South Dakota.  It is on the southern edge in the central eastern Wyoming just north of Shawnee.  The Henderson family currently run all natural, grass finished Angus cattle and manages for optimal usage of livestock and wildlife that live on the ranch.  The ranch is home to mule deer, antelope, elk, badger, coyotes, bobcats, rabbits and turkeys and over 70 bird species documented in Audubon bird counts.  They manage diverse soil types that range from rugged pin and cedar coveralls to open rolling sage plains.