Thank Your Ranchers

Meet And Thank Your Ranchers

Y’all tell us all the time how much you love Blue Nest Beef, but we really want you to tell it straight to the ranchers who raise happy animals, heal their ecosystems, and nourish us with healthful beef!

Fill out the form to send a note to the families that work to provide the high quality meat in every Blue Nest Beef box.

We can’t guarantee they will reply, but we know that they'd love to hear from you.

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Thank Your Rancher

Your Ranchers:

Godfrey Farms

Newkirk, OK

Bill Goffrey & Son

Bill Godfrey is part of our Blue Nest Beef leadership team, but he also has his own family farm operation.  We’re getting this whole thing started with Godfrey Farms as Finisher #1. Bill is one of the most experienced and accomplished grass finishers in the country, and his place also happens to be located in the heart of the Central Flyway.  Primary goals for the ACR Habitat Management Plan (HMP) on Godfrey Farms are to: 1) provide diverse structure for grassland-dependent wildlife; 2) improve and expand native grass production by controlling woody invasive plant species; 3) improve water infrastructure to limit grazing pressure on riparian areas; and 4) track bird abundance, habitat and range production to adapt management annually.  If you are one of our early subscribers, chances are some of your beef will be coming from Godfrey Farms.