Thank Your Ranchers

Meet & Thank Your Ranchers

Y’all tell us all the time how much you love Blue Nest Beef, but we really want you to tell it straight to the ranchers who raise happy animals, heal their ecosystems, and nourish us with healthful beef!

Fill out the form below to send a note to the families that work to provide the high quality meat in every Blue Nest Beef box.

We can’t guarantee they will reply, but we know that they'd love to hear from you.

Your beef was raised by: Dennis Hoyle, Wagner Land & Livestock or Leone Valley Ranch.

(Most batches are sourced from one ranch, but occasionally we combine cattle from several ranches.)


Your Ranchers:

Dennis Hoyle

Roscoe, SD

Dennis Hoyle 8-28-19 (1)

Dennis Hoyle is current Chairman of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and also serves as an Edmunds County Commissioner and Advisor to the Edmunds County Conservation District.  Dennis runs a cow-calf operation that also finishes grassfed beef as well as a wild pheasant hunting enterprise. He thus has a deep understanding of the interdependencies between healthy soils, healthy livestock and healthy bird habitat.  The primary goals of Dennis’ HMP are: 1) provide diverse structure for grassland-dependent wildlife, including birds, 2) provide bird-friendly cover on crop-land, and 3) track bird abundance, habitat and range production and adapt management.  Dennis supplied high quality grass finished cattle for the first truck load going to Blue Nest Beef in Sept 2019.

Wagner Land & Livestock

Chamberlain, SD

Laryr Wagner & Julie Williams

Husband and wife team Larry Wagner and Dr. Julie Williams DVM run their operation near the Missouri River in central South Dakota where the majority of their land was previously used for cropping and they converted it back to grass.  They’ve thoughtfully and carefully developed their herd genetics over the years for best performance on grass. Primary goals from their ACR HMP include: 1) provide diverse vegetation structure of grassland-dependent birds, 2) maintain diverse open grasslands, and 3) track success making changes over time.  Larry & Julie had some of their cattle on the first truck load going to Blue Nest Beef in Sept 2019.

Leone Valley Ranch

Wessington Springs, SD

Jeannie Franceus

Jeannie Franceus owns and manages a ranch that her parents bought more than 50 years ago.  Her appreciation for wildlife was instilled as a child, sitting with Grandma by her big picture window, viewing birds outside and identifying them in her 1923 Bird Guide (which Jeannie treasures to this day).  Compared to cattle on their farm, these tiny creatures seemed insignificant, but seeing how Grandma valued them instilled in Jeannie a lasting awe and appreciation. She originally thought that she would have to remove cattle from the land in order to enhance habitat for prairie birds.  BUT she was amazed to learn that removing cattle would make life harder for native species, whose ancestors thrived where bison herds roamed.  She learned that well-managed grazing is actually necessary for optimum habitat for many prairie species, so she is now employing grazing practices that mimic the bison, while enhancing life for pollinators, birds and other wildlife.  Primary goals of her HMP are: 1) provide high-quality grassland bird habitat annually, 2) protect insect diversity on the ranch, 3) protect riparian areas on the ranch, and 4) monitor bird and vegetation response to management making changes as needed. Jeannie is proud of her Audubon Certification, appreciates their guidance, and is excited to learn more as they guide in her Holistic Management Plan.