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Finally, Beef that's Better for You and The World

What's outside the box matters.  Blue Nest Beef enables people who love birds and the planet to support an idea bigger than themselves while also being nourished by what's inside the box.

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Better for the Birds

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Better for Ranchers

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Better for the Planet

Better for You

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Get Yours Now!

Get your box from an Audubon Certified Ranch shipped directly to your door.

Our most popular box!  A perfect mix of 3.5 – 4.5 lbs of steaks and roasting cuts, along with 5 lbs of ground and 4 lbs of pre-made patties.

Our premium steak-lovers box!  7-9 lbs of carefully curated steaks and roasts with 2 lbs ground and 2 lbs pre-made patties.

Our Partnership with Audubon

The National Audubon Society created the Audubon Conservation Ranching program in response to steep declines in grassland bird populations.  Their “green seal” empowers consumers to select products that come from lands where better management practices ensure diverse bird habitat, healthy soils, abundant pollinators, and cleaner waters.

Our beef comes from ranches that have been certified under this program.  More here.

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Different birds eat different seeds and insects.  Seeds and bugs start in healthy soil growing diverse plant life.

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Different birds like to make their homes in different habitat ‘structures.’ Grassland structure can be shaped by grazing practices (for better or worse).

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Birds want places to hide and play, too.  Tall and varying grass creates safe space to forage, breed and nest.

Birds Tell Us

Birds sit at the top of the local ecological pyramid.  

Birds are living sensors that tell us that all life is thriving.