Virtual Cooking Classes

Session 1

Chicken Recipes

These chickens are actually a completely different breed, called "Freedom Rangers" because they thrive outside and know how to forage for insects and plants to supplement their sprouted organic grains.  This varied diet is the key to the incredible rich and complex flavor of Tree-Range Chickens!

Join Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard as she shares her indigenous Guatemalan heritage and teaches us how to prepare our whole chickens two ways.

Pollo Rostizado and Jocon.

Session 2

Chuck Roast & Brisket Recipes

Chuck Roast and Brisket are delicious slow cooking cuts!  Your family will rave about your cooking abilities when Chef Nettie shows how to prepare these beautifully trimmed savory beef roasting cuts.  For the Chuck Roast, it's Pachamanca Style - slow-cooked with mint, garlic, cilantro, and chile on a bed of veggies wrapped in banana leaves (or parchment paper).  The Brisket is prepared Argentine Gaucho-style with chimichurri sauce.

Session 3

Steak Recipes

Not sure how to prepare a round tip steak?  Never cooked a flat iron steak?  Join co-founder Todd Churchill and Chef Nettie Colon as they share cooking tips and techniques for all 7 Blue Nest Beef steaks:  Tenderloin, Ribeye, NY Strip, Top Sirloin, Round Tip, Flat Iron, and Round Tip.

Cooking with amazing quality grassfed beef is simple, but you have to pay attention.  The basics are:

  • Thaw steaks, open package, and allow to "breathe" for at least 10 minutes.
  • Rub salt and pepper on each side
  • Put on a hot grill or pan
  • cook 1 minute and flip
  • cook 1 minute and turn heat down to low
  • flip again after 2 minutes for rare, 3 for med rare, 4 for medium
  • cook another 2-3 minutes
  • remove from heat and set on a plate with foil tented over the top for 5 minutes to rest the steak
  • Add butter and additional salt to taste
  • Slice thin against the grain
  • Serve sliced over greens, as a steak sandwich, or as a center of the plate whole steak

Matt Kucharski


"The Blue Nest Beef Gift Box was an excellent way to reward the hard work of our staff and at the same time bring people together when we're all physically disconnected. The program was extremely easy to administer, the products are amazing, and the preparation classes were a great opportunity for our teams to connect outside of the normal work routine."

Jeff Wilson


"Everything about Blue Nest Beef is top notch. The grass-fed beef and the chicken are high quality and delicious. The cooking demonstrations with their chefs were a nice bonus. The chefs kept the cooking techniques simple to let the awesomeness of the meat shine through. I can’t stop talking about how great Blue Nest Beef is!"

Kimberley Huston


“The Blue Nest Beef gift box is a real treat! The cooking classes have been both informational and entertaining, and my family has enjoyed everything we’ve tried so far. What a wonderful surprise from my company.”