Back to The Trees!

We're proud to partner with our friends at Regeneration Farms to now bring Tree-Range chicken direct to your door, too!

This chicken is not from Audubon-certified land. But it is produced using the same principles of regenerative agriculture we're committed to with our beef. Just as with our Audubon ranchers, these chickens participate in a perennial system that regenerates healthy soil. We personally know and trust the people who produce it, and it's the chicken we feed our own families.

$189.00 / box

6 whole chickens. No hormones & no antibiotics. They're raised under trees where chickens belong.  In Stock Now!

$199.00 / box

2 whole chickens, 3 steaks, 1 roast or brisket, and 4 lbs of ground beef.  No hormones & no antibiotics.

Chickens Thrive Under Trees

These birds come exclusively from our friends at Regeneration Farms who raise chickens outside in a rich biodiverse area, including hazelnut trees, elderberry bushes, or other perennial permaculture.

The chickens spend their days outside roaming under trees where they participate in the process of regenerating health soils and ecosystems.  This "Freedom Ranger" breed is a little lighter on white meat, but heavier on dark.  That's because real chickens are made to walk around, not stand still, and these birds get to do it all they want!

In the end, the whole bird is rich in flavor just like our beef because healthy soils are where true nourishment comes from.


We grew up eating chicken in parts, too, but chickens are fun and flavorful in wholes.  Because each bird is rich in its own flavor, keep it simple or spice it up as you fancy!

  • Roast or grill it whole!
  • Cut it up to fry or stew it!

Then throw the bones in a crock pot for nourishing broth to make soup or something else tomorrow night!