Synthetic Savanna

Last week I told you about the tragedy of US “renewable fuels” policy and how at least in terms of climate impact, our modern corn ethanol industry was at best no better than gasoline, and more likely worse. This outcome was driven by the tragedy of carbon lost by plowing up grasslands to grow corn.…

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Renewable Tragedy

Plowed field that's empty

As you now know, I grew up in the corn belt. When ethanol first became ‘a thing’ during the energy crises of the 1970’s, we made sure to buy fuel that included ethanol to support our neighbors and cousins, and not rely so much on imported energy. Only later would I learn that ethanol from…

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America the Rebeautified

“Oh beautiful, for spacious skiesFor amber waves of grainFor purple mountain majestiesAbove the fruited plain.” The song has inspired generations. But few seem to realize that those “amber waves of grain” replaced the fruited plains even before we curtailed their waves! In a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare, America successfully fed the world and impaired its own natural beauty at…

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